A New Guide on Bail Bond Houston

A New Guide on Bail Bond Houston

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What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is a written agreement to pay a certain amount of money to a court, in exchange for the release of a defendant in a criminal case pending trial. This allows the defendant to conduct the trial from home as opposed to doing it from police custody. If the defendants violates the terms and fails to appear in Court during any hearing or any other occasion requiring their attendance, the amount pledged in the bail bond is forfeited to the Court. This article is about bail bonds in Houston, let us examine a few do’s and don’ts when dealing with Bail Bond in Houston.

What you need to do

  • Get a bail bond plan that is within your capacity to pay: The purpose of a bail bond is to get you out of jail and allow you to continue generating income pending and during your trial. Taking a plan that is above your means will ultimately fail to pay as agreed, thus landing you in the same over again.
  • Negotiate the best deal before signing up: Desperate times normally call for desperate measures. But in this case, do not allow the situation to force you into taking a good deal, where you can do better. Bail bondsmen offer professional service delivery, before you sign up, negotiate and take the deal that serves your interests best.
  • Make your bail bond plan payments as agreed: Running afoul of the law is seldom planned, unless you are a diehard criminal. As such, make your payments on time to avoid getting a bad reputation in these professional circles, as you never know when you may need them again.

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What you should Not do!

  • Fail to attend Court whenever summoned: Failing to attend Court when out on a bail bond isabad idea, unless you are dead or dying. You will end up in jail with even a bigger debt to pay and no possible source of income during your incarceration.
  • Violate the terms of your bail bond: Depending on the nature of the crime one is arrested for, bail bonds come with various terms and conditions that need to be observed by the defendant at all times up to the end of the trial. These conditions may involve avoiding contact with specific persons, staying within specified geographical boundaries etc. Violating any of these terms is a serious offence that will result in the cancellation of your bail bond, the forfeiture of the amount pledged upon your release and you will end up in jail, which is not the best place to be.

There you have it! In the unfortunate event that you wind up in jail for one reason or the other, summon a professional bail bondsman, and get your release sorted out. Observe the dos and don’ts, and you will be home in absolutely no time having made a repaid your bail bond!