Common Workplace Injuries In The Construction And Mining Sector

Common Workplace Injuries In The Construction And Mining Sector

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Working in construction or in the mining industry is one of the most dangerous jobs that anyone can do. You are open to a number of different hazards, which means that your employer should have all the necessary safety procedures in place to make sure that you are working in an environment that won’t cause you to get injured or killed. Thousands of people get injured in these industries every year and a smaller number, unfortunately, lose their lives because of workplace negligence.

Your employer should provide you will all the right safety equipment and they should also make sure that machinery and walkways are in top condition. What are the most common injuries that result in claims in the construction and mining industries?

Lung Complaints

Working in a mine can be hazardous for your breathing, even if you are wearing a mask. Poor-quality masks will lead you to breathe in too many harmful chemicals and you might develop bronchitis or lung cancer as a direct result. You should have yourself checked by a doctor if you start to develop and breathing problem. These problems could be grounds for you to seek compensation with the aid of personal injury lawyers in Queensland.

Falls From A Height

When you are working in construction, you will spend a lot of you time at the top of ladders or on scaffolding. You need to be supplied with the correct kind of safety harness so that you will not fall to the ground even if you lose your footing. These harnesses should be kept in perfect working condition by your employers. If you suffer an accident because the harness comes loose or it breaks entirely, then you might need to think about making a personal injury claim. You might be financially affected by the fact that you have to take lots of time off.

Contact With Hazardous Materials

When you are working in a mine or on a construction site, you might come into hazardous chemicals which could be corrosive to your skin or they might cause you to feel unwell. These chemicals need to be dealt with properly and contained in secure barrels. If you come into contact with these hazardous materials through no fault of your own, then you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim against your employer.

Sustained Noise Without Adequate Protection

Construction sites and mines can be extremely noisy environments, especially when heavy machinery is being operated. You need to wear some proper ear defenders in this situation, and face masks can also reduce the risk of developing a condition such as tinnitus or deafness. These conditions can lead to the quality of your life dropping significantly, so you need to be aware that you could potentially make a claim with evidence that your hearing problems have been caused by inadequate protection in the work environment.

You can make a personal injury claim against your employers with the help of an experienced lawyer.