Going Through a Divorce? Here’s Why You Need a Solicitor

Going Through a Divorce? Here’s Why You Need a Solicitor

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You probably imagined you and your partner would stay together until your final breath, but unfortunately – especially nowadays – many marriages end in divorce. Getting divorced is never a nice thing, and it can also be extremely complicated when money and children are involved. You and your ex may be fighting constantly over who gets what and who can have custody of the kids, and you need legal representation to help you get the terms you deserve. As long as you find a solicitor with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the law, you can feel confident that your divorce will go as smooth as possible.

Of course, it can often take months if not years to settle on agreeable divorce terms, but you definitely need reputable Hounslow solicitors to have your back, especially if you end up having to go to court. When people are upset and emotions run high, divorces can be nasty, but solicitors can help you get a good and fair deal. From preventing abduction to agreeing on how to fairly divide possessions and finances, solicitors are there to help you get through your divorce without too much of a headache. Keep reading below to find out exactly how a solicitor can help you.

The Importance of Divorce Solicitors

If your ex is behaving unfairly and making unrealistic demands, you need a lawyer to help make your case from a legal standpoint. Here are just some of the areas in which a solicitor can provide assistance.

  • Abduction – Perhaps one of the biggest arguments among divorcees is what to do with the kids, with some parents unfairly demanding full custody and others refusing to provide financial assistance. In very rare cases, one parent may try to take their kids out of the country to prevent the other parent from seeing them, and a solicitor can both help prevent that from happening and provide assistance should it happen to you.
  • Dividing possessions fairly – You might have bought a house together and had a joint bank account when you were married, but now you’re getting divorced, you may be struggling to agree on who gets what. Fortunately, a solicitor will help you secure agreeable and fair terms so that you can start to get on with your new life as soon as possible and put your divorce behind you.
  • Changing surnames – You may wish to revert to your maiden name following a divorce, or you may wish to change the surnames of your children, especially if your ex is showing little evidence that they want to have anything to do with your kids. If you want to legally change either your or your kid’s surname, you’ll need to contact a solicitor with a wealth of experience.

Make Your Divorce Manageable

Divorces are never enjoyable, but they’re often so much worse if there’s a lot of fighting and debating involved. As long as you call a reputable solicitor who knows the law like the back of their hand, you can feel confident that you’ll get what you deserve following your divorce so that you can start to move on with your life and become a happy person again.