Tips for posting bail through bail bonds agents

Tips for posting bail through bail bonds agents

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The thought of facing criminal charges can be scary and intimidating to most people, with the desperation that comes with posting bail even tougher for unscrupulous parties. Having an understanding of the industry and what to expect will help you make informed decisions when it comes to choosing /selecting bail bonds. If you are looking to have a good agent then you need to have these traits in mind.

Evaluate their licensing – Bail bond agents are usually licensed by the state before they can offer any service. They also go through certification and background check process. The license and certification show that they have completed certain process and you wouldn’t have to work with anyone other than a qualified bonds agent.

Check on the fees charged – Different counties have their own charges when it comes to the fees charged on bail. The bonds agent should therefore be open on the fees charged. If this information is not provided upfront, you should opt for another agent instead. You shouldn’t be stressed up with additional fees charged on top of the criminal charge.

Check on the fees charged

Ask for an itemized receipt – You should always ask for an itemized receipt once the bail is posted and paid in full. This will come in handy if you were overcharged. The receipt will also enable you to determine whether you are mis-understood or if you are being asked for illegal fees.

Always keep copies of documents – Any contracts or documents should be provided to you in advance. If you append any signature to a document you need to immediately ask for a copy. You should then keep those copies safely until the case is resolved.

Review the financial terms thoroughly – If any part of the bond is to be financed in any way then it needs to be documented. You should take your time to go through the terms spelt out and ask questions if you don’t understand any part of the contract. If you fail to clearly understand the terms spelt out then it means that you might eventually end up losing that collateral.


The concept of bail bonds

When suspects are arrested they are held in jail until trial. The judge will then set the amount to be paid and the suspect is free until it’s time for trial. In most cases bonds set by judges are too high to be sorted out by family members and friends. A bail bond agent is hired at this point to negotiate with the court to release the suspect pending trial. In most cases insurance acts as a form of back-up funding unless the suspect has a significant amount of savings.

Bond termination

Bonds can be terminated if the defendants don’t meet the conditions set out in their release. Pearland bail bonds agent role is to ensure that the defendants understand the terms of their r release and that they show up during the court proceedings. If they fail to show up in court for any reason the agency will hire a bounty hunter to track the suspect.